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Principal Officers

Kara Oluseun Olumayowa- Director, Finance and Accounts


Oluseun¬¬_kara @lagosstate.gov.ng[email protected].

Kara Oluseun Olumayowa is the Director, Finance and Accounts, Lagos State Treasury Office.

He is responsible for operating and maintaining of State Treasury Office Accounts.  He also supervises payment processes, recording and documentation of all Government Transactions.

 Store related matters and Assets Managements are further under his supervision.

Kara Oluseun Olumayowa had traverse the Lagos State Civil Service in various capacities through different levels in diverse MDAs.  He is an accomplished Accountant having the right combination of drive, intelligence and Interpersonal skills.

A Certified National Accountant, Member of the Nigeria Institute of Management and Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria (CITN).

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